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Hegarty Care provides a location that has easy access to major routes in and out of the city, there are dual carriageways and motorway links for relatives and family members to travel with ease, such as the M1 north and south, the A52 (Brian Clough Way) and the A50 . All in all the home is in a perfect location to suit all individual’s needs, preferences, hobbies and interests.   

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Hegary Cares home  is very close to all amenities, which include shops, pubs, restaurants, bowling, cinema, swimming, educational needs, banking, tennis, Wollaton Park, High fields, local leisure centres, sport facilities, horse riding, therapeutic walks and libraries which are well stocked and plenty more to meet most individuals needs, hobbies, interests and wishes.

Hegarty Care is also less than half a mile away from Queens Medical Centre which also offers free transport to the conveniently located ‘Nottingham City Hospital’. The local surgery for Dentists and General Practitioners is close by and the Opticians are also walking distance from the home.

Beeston is an area approximately 5 miles away from Derby and Nottingham Intu centres . Facilities include the Capital One arena and Derby arena which have regular events such as live music concerts, sport events and stand-up comedy acts and the ice rink is located on the ground floor, the corner house with facilities like mini golf and a deluxe cinema, concert hall, high street stores, restaurants and sports venues for anyone who is a fan of football, rugby, cricket, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling and cycling at the newly built velodrome on pride park.

These destinations are very easy to access and are only one bus or tram ride away, to make it even more convenient the bus and tram stops are directly adjacent to the property.

Please find below the main links to the bus and tram travel maps:

http://www.thetram.net/maps-and-stops.aspx - Net Trams

https://www.trentbarton.co.uk/bus-information/area-maps - Trent Barton Buses